1969 Cutlass 'S'

This is my 1969 Olds Cutlass 'S'. It may not look like much in these horrible pictures but it is winter now and I cant take any better pictures. Sorry!
The car is relatively solid for being an Iowa car for most of it's life, the price was right ($650.00) and it ran GREAT (like all Oldses do!). When I got it, it was a bone stock 350 4bbl with a non-posi highway gear rear end.

Of course I had to hot rod it so out came the 350 and in went a 355ci 69' block with "C" casting heads and other goodies, and a 3.91:1 posi out of a 68' Pontiac. Best ET to date is 13.22 at a little over 100mph, that's on street tires and thru the full exhaust. No too bad. I have also got a 1970 Cutlass Supreme, a 1986 Cutlass Salon with a 307, posi, and T-Tops, and I just got a new 1996 Achieva with a 5 spd (I love this car!)

I just wanted to share my love of Oldsmobile's with other like minded people! OLDSMOBILE FOREVER AND ALWAYS

Josh's Email: kiss74@derbytech.net