Glen Morris's 1968 Cutlass Ram-Rod 350

What are those funny things under the bumper? Air scoops, that's what. 1968 Olds Cutlass Ram-Rod 350. This car is 1 of 674 Cutlass S two door hardtop coupes with the "Ram-Rod" option that were produced. This one sports a 4-speed M-21 transmission coupled to a 3.91:1 rear posi. The 350 C.I. Olds Rocket V-8 with dual air scoops, special high lift cam, special crankshaft dampener, special calibrated distributor, special calibrated carburetor, dual exhaust, and heavy duty cooling system powers this mid 1968 introduced Olds musclecar.

I have owned this car for for 10+ years as of 09/00. The car was purchased from the mid-west after a personal search of over (2) years for this particular model. It was mostly restored, but lacking a good paint job when purchased. Because of the fact that I had acquired numerous N.O.S. parts since 1980, I decided to "re-restore" this car and paint it myself. A two- year "re-restoration" made it ready for the 1993 Olds nationals in New Jersey. I managed to achieve a 905 point first place win!

Currently, I am an officer in the New England Oldsmobile Club (N.E.O.C.). We are a (5) year recognized chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America (O.C.A.). We welcome and encourage membership for all those Oldsmobile lovers in the northeast.

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