Hello fellow Oldsmobilers! Here is my submittal to the Bryceman's Oldsmobile Registry. This car is a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass S. I bought it from a friend in Grand Rapids, MI for $1200 and a NOS LH Quarter Panel. The Cutlass is originally from Tennessee and came with the frumpy body side mouldings, a white vinyl top and 1971 442 grilles. It is not very original now, I'm afraid, I have made many changes to the car in its life as a full time member of my garage. Those changes include: - Brown 1972 bucket seats was white bench seat (yes, I am looking to get a pair of white buckets). - Added 1970 Black Dual Gate console and wire harness. - New front suspension. - New rear suspension. - 1970 12-bolt 3:90 Posi rear end w/W-27 cover was 1972 10-bolt. - B&M TransPak installed. - Window/Trunk/Hood gaskets replaced. - Replaced package tray. - Complete lock set (the car had 3 seperate sets of keys). - Added rear seat belts (originals were missing). - Replaced headliner and removed cheesy shoulder belt assembly and coat hooks. - Replaced hood pad. - Replaced carpet and pad. - Added sport mirrors to LH/RH doors. - Replaced heater core. - Replaced speedometer cable. - Replaced throttle cable. - Replaced Wheel Center Caps and Acorn Nuts. - Added Oldsmobile Black Rubber Floor Mats. - Replaced Brake Master Cylinder.

Engine Stuff: Approximately 380 HP - Original 350 cid block bored .030 over and cleaned (355 cid). - Added Mondello #8080 Harmonic Balancer. - Added Mondello #4000 Michigan 77 Rod Bearings. - Added Mondello #4020 Michigan 77 Main Bearings. - Added Mondello #4090 Childs & Albert Cam Bearings. - Added Mondello #2020+.030 Speed-Pro 10.25:1 Forged Pistons. - Added Mondello #3030 Moly Cast Iron Piston Rings. - Added Mondello #WT 195 Crankshaft Windage Tray. - Added Mondello #SP 777 Speed-Pro High-Performance Oil Pump for Toronado Pans. - Added Mondello #OD 260 Oil Pump Drive Shaft. - Added Mondello #R 100 Oil Restrictor Kit. - Added Mondello #OF 900 Fram Oil Filter. - Added Mondello #5195 Stainless 30 Exhaust Valves 1.687". - Added Mondello #5180 Stainless 30 Intake Valves 2.072". - Added Mondello #SK 240-S Silicon Valve Springs w/Retainers and Valve Keepers. - Added Mondello #1453 Martite Exhaust Valve Seats. - Added Mondello #RA 280 Rocker Arms. - Added Mondello #RP 292 Rocker Arm Pivots. - Added Mondello #AR 400 Chrome Moly Heat Treated 5/16" Adjustable Pushrods. - Added Mondello #HL 230 High-Rev Speed-Pro Hydraulic Valve Lifters. - Added Mondello #JM 18-20 Hydraulic Street Camshaft. - Added Mondello #CB 150 Offset Camshaft Bushings. - Added Mondello #CDK 455 Camshaft Degree Kit. - Added Mondello #CS 120 Camshaft Spacer. - Added Mondello #TB 740 Camshaft Thrust Button and Bolt. - Added Mondello #TR 252 Cloyes True-Roller Timing Chain Set. - Added Mondello #OS 550 Complete Overhaul Gasket Set. - Added Mondello #AK 140 Engine Assembly Kit. - Added Mondello #HR 350 Cast Iron Heat Riser Block Off Plugs. - Added Mondello #VT 580 Aluminum Valley Tray for Aluminum Intake Manifolds. - Added Mondello #SC 455 Aluminum Heat Shield Cover for Starter Solenoid. - Added Mondello #VC 455 Stock Height Stamped Steel Chrome Valve Covers. - Added Mondello #VB 465 Chrome Push-In Valve Cover Breathers. - Added Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold. - Added Rebuilt Quadrajet 4V carb. - Added Hooker Competition Headers w/Ceramic Coating. - Added Toronado Oil Pan and Toronado Pickup. - Added Crossdrilled and Ground (.010) Crankshaft. - Rods were given the Side Grind Treatment. - Replaced all Belts and Filters. - Heads resurfaced and three angle valve job. - Replaced Water Pump. - Added Accel HEI Ignition System.

Future... - Add Center Line Auto Drag III Aluminum, Polished Rims (hopefully 16"x8"). - Add Mondello #OL 1200-FP Inertia Flexplate. - Add Mondello #7100-2 10" Torque Converter. - Add Mondello #22-25-10 Hydraulic Camshaft. - Add Mondello #SN-850 Holley 850 Dubl-Pump Carb. - Add Electric Fuel Pump. - Add Electric Fans. - Add Mondello Competition Heads. - Add GM TH 700R4 Automatic 4-speed Transmission (purchased, yet to install). - Fix the G** D*** Air Conditioning! - Start the Major Detailing, Detailing, Detailing! - Lose about 400/500 pounds off the car, I guess I could shed 50 myself;-) - Hope to achieve a streetable, low 12-second quarter miler... SLEEPER!

Well, there is the long-winded history of my fun car. It is a ball to drive and pretty quick considering its weight. Comments and/or suggestions are welcome at mikehal1@ix.netcom.com. Thanks for taking the time to look and read about one of my favorite Oldsmobiles. Look for me at the Midland Antique Festival Car Shows (1996) and the OCA Nationals in Lansing, MI in 1997.

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