Bob & Cheryl Handren's '70 SX Convertible

This is our 70 SX Convertible. It was a basket case when purchased and required a lot of (too much) work to make right. This included new quarters and fenders. It is painted Sebring Yellow and is very nice now that the hard work is finished. The are only a few modifications to this car. An HEI ignition was installed in the high compression 455 and there are Edelbrock chrome rocker covers and a GM Olds air cleaner. It currently has a 3.73 12 bolt posi rear which may be replaced with the correct 2.56 rear. The wing is not "correct" but we don't care. It really sets the car off, particularly with the top down.

This is a shot of the super comfortable interior. Having a convertible in Florida with black vinyl upholstery is masochistic, at least. A neighbor was a professional upholsterer. He matched the factory pattern but used a nylon automotive fabric chosen by Cheryl. It looks and sits great!

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