Kurt Heinrich's 1971 442

This is my daily driver, a numbers matching 1971 442 hardtop coupe. The original color was Sterling Silver with a black vinyl roof and black stripes. Sometime during her life, a previous owner painted her black with the W30 style stripes you see in the pictures. Personally, I never really cared for the standard 442 stripes, so this is a good thing. Future plans call for a color change, although I'm not sure what that color will be. Depending on the color I select, the wheels may be changed to Super Stock IIs.

I've had this car for about a year. It took the family (wife and I plus two boys) from Maryland to North Carolina for vacation last year, which is when these pictures were taken. Even with four people in the car and a trunk FULL, there was no problem blowing by virtually any car on the road (would you expect less from a 442?). Of course, being a 442 it always seems to draw peoples attention.

This isn't my first Olds, but is my first 442. The car, like every other Olds I've owned, has never been unfaithful (i.e. never left me stranded). This is probably one of the many reasons for my love of Oldsmobiles, they're just plain reliable.

1971  442 hardtop coupe base price          $3551.00
C08   Vinyl roof                             $102.16
D35   Sport-styled outside rearview mirrors   $22.12
G80   Anit-spin rear axle (3.23)              $44.23
JL2   power assisted front disc brakes        $69.51
M40   Turbo-hydramatic 400 transmission      $242.88
N34   sport steering wheel                    $31.60
P05   Super Stock I wheels                    $90.58
U21   Rocket Rallye Pac                       $84.26
Y60   Convenience group                       $30.12
W25   OAI hood and air cleaner               $157.98
W26   console with Dual Gate                  $76.88
W35   rear deck spoiler                       $73.72

Don't you wish you could buy one for $4577.04 today?

Kurt's Email: old442@erols.com