Peter Herbst's '70 Cutlass S

This is my 1970 cutlass S Sports Coupe(w/post). I bought it with what I thought was 99,000 miles on it. It ran great and the compression was near perfect. After putting 30,000 more miles on it I ran into a fellow who said he had had a car just like it(yeah, yah everyones had a car just like it). He then told me about where he bought it and that his was a shade of gold slightly darker. It turns out that my build sheet specified the matching dealer ship and the under side of the trunk lid revealed the "correct" Burnished gold that had been on the car new, which was a shade darker than the present color. After talking some more, I realized It was his, only he sold it to a teacher in 1978(the lady I bought it from) with 95,000 miles. So I actually bought it with 199,000 miles!

I haven't done much to the engine(added 4 bbl and mild cam-204/214adv. dur.) and take it to the track every now and then.It has turned a best of 15.4 @ 93mph. Not too bad for a stock 250hp engine(QA). It gets pushed by a horrible 2.56 open rear and clicks through the traps still in second gear. The suspension has been rebuilt with PST components and the TH350 has been swapped with a TH400 with a lttle shift kit. It'll now chirp the tires going into second(60 mph). I love this car!

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