David Jeffreys’ 1972 Cutlass S 4-4-2



This is my offering to the Virtual Car Show.  It is my ’72 Cutlass S 4-4-2.  I am the original owner having gotten the car as my high school graduation present on June 6, 1972.  I have most of the original paperwork, including the window sticker, the protect-o-plate and owner’s manual.  The car has 178,900 miles on it, but I have only put 28,400 miles on it since 1980.  It has the original 350 4bbl that has had only minor repairs done to it.  It is on its third top and second paint job.  This is the original color, however, when it was painted they didn’t do the hood stripes correctly, but otherwise it looks good.  It is, for the most part, in original condition, (which is to say that it is old and things are wearing out).  I have recently done work to the front suspension, front and rear brakes, and I just had a cracked exhaust manifold fixed.  The carburetor needs to be rebuilt and the transmission needs to be checked out, then it will only need cosmetic restoration done.



My first car was a 1965 Cutlass S Holiday Coupe and if I ever get the urge to buy another Cutlass, it will be one like it.  They are not as attractive as the 72s, but there is something about them I like.  My sister had a 1970 4-4-2 with a 455 engine and 3 speed transmission.  It was built for speed, whereas I ordered mine with comfort in mind.  I wanted to but it from her, but didn’t get the chance.  Probably just as well.  Then I would have had two cars I couldn’t afford to maintain.


There have been many days I felt like selling it and other days I wouldn’t take 10 times what it is worth.  In 4 years it will go to my son, who is in the picture below (he was 3 in the picture; he is 12 now and oddly, his hair is exactly the same color as the car).  I do know one thing:  I can’t imagine coming home and not seeing it in the driveway.



David’s e-mail is: teqdave@aol.com.






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