J. Michael Wolfe's 1972 Cutlass Supreme

This 1972 Cutlass Supreme is all original with a 350 CU inch engine and has 62,113 original miles on the odometer. Options include: Air Conditioning, Bucket seats with console, rear anti-sway bar, heavy duty cooling system, Rally I wheels, and Ebony Black paint (paint code 19) which was special ordered as it was not a standard option for the Cutlass model in 1972 (it was on the larger models). This car was special ordered with a 2V carburetor which resulted in a $33.00 credit for the original owner.

I am the 4th owner of this car. The original owner sold it in 1993 with 39,000 miles on the odometer. The second owner had it for a year and sold it to a young guy who drove it on weekends only. I have all of the original documentation including the window sticker, protect-o-plate, warranty info, owners manual, and original title. The original owner kept a journal of when and how much gas he purchased for the entire time that he owned the car. Also detailed records of oil changes, belt changes, etc.

The car rides nice and still has the original parts stickers on the rear springs. The only short term plans I have are to upgrade the front end with a kit from PST which includes Polygraphite bushings, and installing the original 7022250 Quadrajet, intake, and aircleaner assembly. Also, there is a towing bar that was welded on that I want to have removed, and the original superlift air shocks still function.

The interior is very good except for the front seats which have a few minor tears. Looks almost like new.

Feel free to email me with any remarks, questions, or comments. I will be developing a website dedicated to the 1971 and 1972 Cutlass Supreme in the near future.

Michael's Email: boogah@en.com