John Peck's '68 Hurst/Olds

Well, I paid 6 grand for the car and started an immediate frame off resto. All ram air parts were there, orginal motor, tranny ( ow ), D heads, correct carb, correct intake and exhust. Interior , is all original, non air car, frame was blasted and all suspension components were renewed, all the body panels are orginal, the right rear quarter was hammered very badly , but I was able to save it with some METAL work. Car has 80K miles on it and it did the 1/4 last year at 13.08 et @ 103 mph. I found the correct am/fm stereo with 8 track in a bone yard. It has the 3 spoke steering wheel & I have since put redline tires on the car, I think it looks better than the thin white walls.
I first saw the 68 H/O in the hurst defenders club newsletter while in Nam but when I got back they were all snapped up so I got a used 69 H/O instead (which i still have) and is now about 85 % done. When I drive it down the road people are in AWE, they say that they have never seen a 68 H/O in person, only in magizines. When I am done with my 69 I shall have the dymanic duo.


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