Jonah Kadish's '64 Dynamic 88

Well let me tell you about my dynamic baby. Well as you can see it's a black 1964 Dynamic 88 with a silver interior, I acquired it about 11 months ago from a really great married couple who sold it to me at the super nice price of only $1200. when I bought it I only had to do body work on the rear quarters other than that everything is pretty straight. I also wanted to spice it up a little, while keeping the classic look so I added the baby half moon's. Now for the stats it has the 394 engine in it (I think,) and I just flipped the odometer last weekend so now it only has 140 miles on it, I wish. This summer it had a new tranny put in and I hope to beef up the engine. All though it's a daily driver I take good care of it and give her all the love and affection she deserves! another great thing is the car came with it's original spare tire!!! cool huh.

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