Josh Michel's '69 Cutlass S

I bought this car about 4 years ago from and old guy in Ct. He had four other Cutlass' that he was working on at the time and he just basically didn't have any room for this one anymore and needed to get rid of it. So I offered him $1200 bucks for the thing and he took it.

I drove it home that very same day with an old but still lively 350 rocket motor and 2 speed powerglide tranny. Since that day I've done a ground up restoration.

I tore the motor out and put a crazy and uncontrollable 455 out of a Hurst in it, not to mention added a few goodies before I put it in like bored 60 over, trw pistons, 10 and a quarter to one compression, three angle valve job, shaved heads, 520 lift cam with 244 duration.....needless to say that thing is pushing about 500 hp right now and is no slouch. I bolted that up to a turbo 350 with a 2400 stall speed and built to the wall and now you have Josh's custom Oldsmobile Cutlass SE. The car's been many places including car shows all over and even been to the track once!

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