Greg Kalkhoff's 1966 Toronado Deluxe

My love affair with Toronados began as a teenager in the mid 60's. My first car as a kid in high school was a 1967 Toronado. I have been driving them ever since. I have owned over 25 Toronados in my lifetime, and hope to keep adding to the total. At this time, I have 7 Toros, with this being my showpiece and pride and joy.

There were 40,963 Toronados produced in 1966. Of that number, 34,630 1966 Deluxe Toronado's were spawned. This particular example has 37,726 older siblings, leaving 3236 younger brothers and sisters.

As all 1966 Toronados, it was born in Lansing Michigan. It was raised in California until it found its way to Milwaukee in the late 70's were it was stored until 1990 when I bought it. I am the third owner of this majestic automobile. The elderly gentleman that I bought it from loved the car so much that he wept as I drove it out of his driveway. As the story goes, he bought a new 1966 Toronado for his daughter when she graduated from high school. Shortly after, she was involved in a horrific accident and credits the size and magnitude of the car for saving her life. He then bought this car for himself out of tribute to the automobile.

The car was completely original when I bought it. It is absolutely rust free. The undercarriage is clean as a whistle. The clock shows 65K and the car supports that number. A few minor repairs and it was road worthy. A good cleaning, new skins and she was ready to drive to the shop.
Since then, I have replaced all the rubber, installed original asbestos brake shoes, new wheel cylinders, new lower ball joints, floor mat insert, and rear wheel bearings. I have just put on a complete new exhaust system. Since I like a bit of snort out the back end, I went with the 2 1/2" galvanized steel straight pipes with two Walker Turbo Glasspacks hung in the back. I also purchased OEM chrome tip extensions.

The engine compartment is detailed to its original condition. As you can see, it has the K-19 California Air-Induction System. This picture was taken at Lansing in 1998

In as much as I like to remain a purist, I have a tendency to rebel occasionally. Instead of going with a set of chrome wheels or standard silver painted rims, I decided to take a walk on the wild side and do them in gold. Since gold plating is totally out of my reach and credit card limit, I went with a mint brass Zenolyte wheel treatment. That, along with the bright aluminum brake drums make for a very striking contrast and compliment the Ocean Mist body color very well. I searched high and low for a perfect set of rims to effect this treatment. I am very pleased with the results. I also added a gold pinstripe that follows the upper body line rather than the traditional factory fender highlight.

This car touts a nearly perfect interior and is heavily optioned, replete with a four-way flarestat.

We affectionately refer to our shop as Toro Heaven. As you can see, a "Toro Outbreak" can occur at any given time. Not pictured here are my Dads 1967 Toro with 18K and two new recent acquisitions (one of which is another parts car). I'm almost embarrassed to divulge the total number of Toros owned between my father and I. Yikes!!! I almost forgot to mention the 1934 Olds too!

As many of you, who are subscribers to the Olds list, no doubt remember the debacle I had a few years ago when I burned up the wiring loom in the now infamous "Flaming Dubonette" incident. Here is a photo of it after I replaced the loom as she breathed life again for the first time in months. It has now been delegated as my daily driver and I love every minute of it. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support through that ordeal. I hope you all learned something by my mistake. ALWAYS disconnect the battery!

I would be remiss if I didn't pay homage to the following people;

Gregg Ludlam: He was one of my first Toronado buddy contacts years ago. He is directly responsible for me joining the Olds list and is always a blast to talk with on the phone (when he is not dodging hurricanes.)

Mike Frederick: He has rapidly become a one of my truest, dearest friends. It has been a pleasure becoming to know him and his wife Jeannie.

Dave Voorhis: Dave's generosity and goodwill have allowed a venue for the Toronado List to exist and thrive. Dave, along with Mike, have been instrumental in developing and managing the Toro list, enabling Toronado enthusiasts a medium in which to share stories and solve problems.

Doug Kitchener: Who also has become a very good buddy of mine. Many late night phone calls and e-mails transpire between us whenever problems occur. He is always a good source for information.

And last but not least, Bryceman and Greg Beaulieu for their gargantuan efforts in promoting, maintaining, and allowing a forum in which all Oldsmobile enthusiasts can meet, congregate, and discuss their favorite topic. What else?.................OLDSMOBILES!!!!!

I myself, as The Toronado Chapter Webmaster and Toronado List FAQ Administrator, truely love and enjoy all the mail I get from folks all over the world who share their love of Toronados!

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