Karen Hart's '72 Cutlass

Here is my 1972 Cutlass. I bought this car 6 years ago for $400. As the story goes, it was in bad shape. Below is a list of repairs/restored parts.

Fun stuff: tires/rims
all new interior( doors, floor, seats, headliner,belts)
windows tinted
body work/new paint
new vinyl roof
new killer stereo system
custom steering wheel

Necessary stuff:
new carb
weld job from lower control arm to frame
complete front end work
complete brake line work
turn signal switch
new heater core
new A.C. compresor
new chrome valve covers
weather stripping
hood release
trunk repair
new grille
new radiator

Engine work:
R&R oil pump
R&R camshaft & lifters
R&R head gasket set
R&R high performance water pump
R&R timing chain
R&R exhaust manifold, heads re-surfaced
R&R sending unit
Install intake manifold gaskets
Install timing cover set gaskets
valve seat replaced

What I really want to do next is replace both bumpers. All my friends and family think I am crazy to put money into "An older car" while they all drive new vehicals. I love my Cutlass and would'nt trade it for anything! oh yeah, it's a 4-door too......

Karen's Email: Bk4eco@aol.com