Bob Kesler's '72 442

I am the original owner of this 442, purchased for $4500.00 in 1971 when the 72 models came out. The car is back to almost original condition with a few options added (W-25 hood, wider stripes, polygraphite suspension, 2 1/2 inch stainless exhaust), I wanted to preserve the vintage muscle car appearance and performance.

The original motor has about 103,000 miles on it and was rebuilt in 1998 - now pushing around 400 horses. The turbo 400 transmission was also rebuilt and the rear-end has the original highway gears (getting about 15.5 mpg now). The interior has the original dash (no cracks), headliner, console, rear seat and rear panels. Front seat covers, door panels and carpet purchased from Olds suppliers bring it back to original appearance.

The car has the Tic-Tock tach, but sadly I sold the 8-track player. I have entered several local car shows and have done very well; the enclosed pics will attest to that fact. Oldsmobile - the only way to fly! Let me know if you need anyadditional information about this classic muscle car.

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