Jim and Jan Kintz's '72 442

This is our 72 F-85 442. We have owned for 24 years. We are second owners of the car. After we had owned it for 15 years we found out from Oldsmobile that it is one of 751 made. It still has the original block. The engine has been gone through completely. We liked the 350 in it so we beefed it up to perform. Thanks to Mondello parts and help it really does perform. My wife liked chrome as you can see in the engine compartment.

The body is all original metal and the hood is the rare original factory hood. All the work on the car was done at home by myself and with help from my wife the financial aide. Even though no panels had to be replaced it took 6 and a half years to get it ready to be show quality.

It is a 4 speed car. The suspension has been completely gone through and raised to accommodate the big tires. The interior was upgraded to the S interior because we couldn't get the original. They don't make the F-85 interior at all. It is stored in the winter and is never driven in the rain. It has been know as the Beast for years. The wife gets the blame for the name too. It has taken first places all last year including the nationals. It has also got Dealer's choice, Best Olds and Best Engine at other shows.

Jim and Jan's Email: cjkintz-72-beast.442@worldnet.att.net

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