Ron and Peggy LeBeoufs '70 442 Convertible

Found sitting next to a barn in 1989, I started a 3 year restoring project that included new front and rear fenders and after a long exhausting search, a hood and deck lid that weren't as rust eaten as my originals. The doors were kept but if I could have found some, those would have been replaced too. Door skins weren't available then.

Through a search of D.O.T., records I found that we were the 8th owners and I was able to contact most of the other owners for info and history on the car. The original 455 was a victim of a street race that destroyed the block. The original w-30 intake was all that was left in the trunk so a search found a 71 442 motor that was rebuilt to 70 w-30 specs with "G" heads being used in place of the rare "F" heads.
The result is a strong running 455 that runs on regular unleaded gas all day long. We enjoy taking it out on weekends and usually take a long trip each summer to Florida and enjoy cruising the highway the only way, with the top down!

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