Lisa's background (all the boring details as my kids would say.....)
I started out in Oldsmobiling with a 1967 Cutlass Supreme Convertible. It had the 330 CID/325 HP motor, a Turbo-350 I put behind it, and stock 10 inch rear end with a set of 3:42:1 Zoom gears. It ran low 14's in the quarter mile. I didn't restrict myself to Oldsmobiles however. I went on to have a '70 Dodge Super Bee and a '70 AMX, a '70 SS-454 Chevelle and a '70 Duster. I later had a '75 Hurst Olds. But I can honestly say I liked my '67 Olds the best.

TZJ 927 - I came upon my 1967 Delta 88 Custom on a Norco (Calif) side street. It has just 65,000 original miles and a 425 CID motor, It is completely original and had been stored for 8-10 years by a previous owner. I am the fourth owner. It has the original Cameo Ivory paint, telescopic wheel, deluxe wheel covers, air conditioning, power brakes, power windows and remote trunk release. The only options its missing are the Wonderbar radio and power antennae. I only drive it to Club functions and will garage it and restore it at a later date. She's affectionately known as Tizzy J.

L OLDS - My 1972 Vista Cruiser is a whole differant animal. It has 207,000 miles on it and for the last few years has basically just been a workhorse. I am currently painting it the same Cameo Ivory as the Delta. I would prefer to find the '60's steel Ralley wheels I had on my Cutlass. I'll rebuild the 350 next, with a few minor add ons, an aluminum highrise, dual exhaust and a bumped up camshaft. Its my daily driver, and a very comfortable one at that.

My Dad recently asked me if I had the 'corner' on Oldsmobiles and I told him I was just buying one to leave to each of my five kids, but for my youngest daughter Electra I'm gonna have to break my own rule and find her a 'cool' Buick since its her namesake. I'll just have to get her twin brother a nice Olds to match.

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