Russ Logar's 1971 Cutlass Supreme


71 Cutlass Supreme
I am the second owner of this car. I got it in Jan. '97. At the time the odometer read 5,318 miles. No that is not a typo, no bull. It currently has 5568 miles. Needless to say neither the original owner nor I have driven it too much.

With the exception of tune-up parts, a few hoses and a battery what you see is 100% factory. This car still sports the original brake linings! Oh, I must mention that the tires are not factory. They are Michelin radials that were purchased by the original owner when the car had 45 miles on it. I guess he didn't like the polyglass factory tires.

For those of you who are probably wondering, the original owner used the car very lightly from 1971 to about 1988. I guess lightly means that he only took it out to give it short runs to keep it in shape. The car then sat unused until I acquired it. During its entire life it lived in a garage under a cover. Even after this long a sitting spell, the car needed very little in the way of work to make it road-worthy. The gas tank was drained and cleaned, the brake system was purged and new fluid installed, the engine was examined and found to be in super shape. All fluids were drained, the radiator was boiled out, the oil pan was removed, but with so few miles on the engine no sludge was found. To this day I have to hold the dipstick just right in the light to even see the oil on it. Similar procedures were performed on the tranny, all was found to be in excellent shape. When all was done the engine was thourghly lubricated and cranked by hand several times to ensure adequate lubrication on all surfaces, the ignition system was put back in place and apart from all the smoke it belched for about an hour it's been running beautifully ever since. Even after all these years, none of the seals or gaskets leak.

Vital Stats:

350 4brl , TH350 tranny, factory air, power steering and brakes, original AM only radio ( it still works fine, if you can find anything good on AM). 100% factory interior, saddle colored buckets center console mounted shift, Rallye dash package and Wheel all in excellent shape. The original factory bulbs still installed and working everywhere.

This car has plenty of power. It will easily pass just about anything on the road ( other than a 455 Rocket!)

One final note, the answer to the most frequently asked question I get about this car is "NO it is not for sale!"

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