Steve Macko's '71 Cutlass

This is the 1971 Cutlass I recently purchased in Orlando, Florida. I bought it from an older Spanish couple, who had purchased it from their in-laws 6 years previously. I drove it around town for several months, before I sent it to my brother in New York State for restoration. Most of the car is original, with @140,000 miles. Have you ever seen 25 year old universal joints?

The picture doesn't really do the car justice. The paint is original, although faded and cracked... not splotchy as it appears in the photo!

I am having the original 350 rebuilt, but the 2 barrel has to go. Also, the original pea-green paint will be replaced with something a little more flashy... Estimated date of completion... Summer 97.

Steve Macko, Kissimmee, Florida