Steven Magnolia's '69 442

I found this car sitting next to a barn, in pieces, in 1992. The owner had taken the car apart in 1978 to restore and never reassembled it. During the time it was apart he had compiled all the NOS parts to assemble the car right. All the pot metal parts, almost all the stainless and just about every piece of rubber was NOS in the boxes from GM, even new tailpipes and chrome trumpets.

The interior and all the chrome had been removed and stored, so it was in incredible shape. I replaced the front bucket skins, package deck and the door panels, all else is original.
The car has been painted the correct white with the red hood stripe, (no its not on the trunk, its not a Chevelle), and has a red interior which I am told only 4% of these cars had. The only non-original things are the 15" rallyes from a 77 cutlass,(they improve the ride and fill the wheel wells much better), and a CD player mounted in a console on the floor, (I just couldn't cut the dash for a radio).

I drive this car everywhere I go on a daily basis, and I LOVE it. I have had 442's since I was in highschool and plan to always own one. In my opinion GM didn't build a better car in its class, some may have been a little faster but none were built better.

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