Mark Williams's '69 442

It was purchased new for my mother back in September of 1969. I was 15 at the time and I really gave mom and dad a sell job as I could see myself behind the wheel in a short while. The rest was history, she rarely drove it and when she did it was it was around town. I took over owner ship and have had since. The last 10 years I have have it garaged and been restoring it to keep it original, the picture I have sent you is with a fresh paint job over the winter. I have it on the road now and plan to attend a couple of show this summer and look forward some weekend driving, thats what's it all about!

Here are some of the options and features the car came with. Power assisted front disk brakes, turbo 400 with console, rally wheels with red stripe rubber, am/fm radio with power ant, 3.90 cogs, hood and trunk pin stripes, red with red interior, heavy duty radiator and cluch fan, and a unusual feature a W-32 auto trans, this came to my attention this past year as I was checking the tranny serial numbers. Don't know how that ended up there. I have kept all the original documents and protect-o-plate card. The car is in great shape, just a few more touches and I am done, just to enjoy. Its been a long wait, but worth it!

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