Paul Martin's '71 442 W-30

My 1971 442 W-30 hardtop was purchased at a swap meet as a rolling body/chassis. The car has a fascinating history as a NHRA record holder and never having been street driven except for the first 50 miles and since its restoration. Ordered with NO options this 4 speed 3.73 car geared was intended for one thing only ĞRacing. Owned by Terry Thatch out of Spokane WA. The car was unofficially sponsored by Oldsmobile whenever Terry needed the right parts. When purchased by me in 1996 the odometer showed only 205 miles. Known to have been disconnected during the 6 seasons the car ran with automatic transmissions the speedo should read more like 700 today. Restored to its original appearance the engine is a 72 W-30 block with K heads (as Dale smith would have provided). The SSII wheels were put on for testing and shakedown purposed. The original dog dish on steel wheels and Polyglass are for show purposes. The car is true muscle to drive with no power accessories and no radio.

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