Paul Martin's '72 H/O Pace Car

After a two year search I purchased this restored Hurst /Olds from a collector who used to own an Olds dealership in Cleveland Ohio. Sold new in Overland Park ,Kansas the car accumulated 60,000 mile by 1993 when it was restored. The stunning outcome utilized only NOS parts or the originals. Both bumpers are NOS as well as all other exterior trim. I added a pair of NOS mufflers that give it that special Olds rumble. As new the car had most options with the exception of Cruise Control and posi. My purchase included a set of original Polysteel G60-14 tires that were only used on the 72 H/O. This past year I acquired flag holders and purchased checkered flags for show displays. I have shown the car 6 times since 1996 and it has been awarded top honors in all but one show. It only has 61,500 miles on it now and it is temping to not drive it and keep the miles low it is the nicest Olds I have ever owned and to drive.

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