Robert & Betty Morgan's '71 Cutlass Convertible

My wife bought "Sally" for $700 from a friend who thought it needed major engine work. It needed spark plug wires. That same year, 1981, we met, fell in love, and married. No, it wasn't the convertible that won me over but it is now community property (heh, heh, heh).
Sally has a 350cu engine with 4 barrel carb and 3 speed automatic (center console shifter). The original car had a dark green top but we can't find those these days. The wheels are custom steel wheels with bolt on spokes. (I know, they ain't kosher but they look great.)
Although Sally started out in Texas, she spent most of her life in California. In 1991, we moved her to Hawaii where we now reside. Since we've been here, the salt air has started to get to her body. We came close to selling her recently when we starting adding up the cost to fix everything to top shape, but were convinced by our mechanic to keep her and fix her up as we could afford it. So we are. We'll post more pix as we go along.

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