Kayla Nossaman's '69 442

I joined the North Texas Oldsmobile Club in June 1993 and spent the next two years looking for an Oldsmobile. I looked at 16 cars in various stages of rust, bondo, leaks and lies before I spotted a car for sale in my club's newsletter, "The Rocket". It said, "'69 442. 455 eng., all black, ram air, W-35 wing, W-27 rear end. Nat's 3rd place in modified. Auto, A/C, recent restoration." I asked about the car and club members who had seen it gave the car a thumbs up. I called the guy selling it and set up a date to look at it. It took over an hour to get there but as soon as I saw it parked in his driveway, I knew it was THE car. We made a deal and a week later, I picked it up. I take the car to every show and cruise I can. I have a roomful of trophies and plaques. You wouldn't believe the number of times I've heard, "Does your husband know you have his car?" or "This can't be your car. This is a guy's car!" or "What's a woman doing driving this car?" I always tell them cool cars aren't gender specific.

I do as much work on it as I can and ask club members to help with the rest. Since I've had it, I've painted and restored the trunk, replaced many engine parts, tinted the windows, got the A/C working, new springs, foam and re-upholstered the seats and replaced too many small parts to list. The majority of the chrome has been removed, the bumpers painted black, sport steering wheel, sport side mirrors, 8-track player, rear air shocks, ram air hood and W-35 wing from a Rallye 350, W-27 rear end differential 12 bolt cover plate with posi-traction and tilt steering. The club member I bought the '69 from put the Cutlass S emblems on it with the intention of making it a negative Rallye 350. But I love it the way it is. It has every criteria for a car that I was looking for - hardtop, automatic, big block, A/C and something different than anything else. I couldn't have found anything better. Even though I call my '69 442 "Shadow" which I think is appropriate, my club members call it "Darth Vader". I think that is cool, too.

Kayla's Email: tiger5_kayla@yahoo.com