David Nye's '71 Cutlass Convertible

This 1971 Cutlass Supreme convertible was purchased in 1979 from its second owner with about 80k original miles. The original color was Sandalwood with Sienna interior. Other than the interior, I've tried to stay as close as possible to the Olds options for 1971 in all of my restorations.
The seating areas have been trimmed not with the original dark saddle vinyl, but with black velor... even though the material is black, the cloth helps considerably in the summer sun.

The original hood was replaced with a factory W-25 hood. The front bumper and notched rear bumper, grills, stainless steel trim, and emblems were all replaced with new stock before being discontinued from Olds. The body was (and still is) rust free and was shot with 8 coats of black laquer in 1981. The car has been a fair-weather weekend driver for more than fifteen years and looks as good, if not better, than it did in 1981. The car was shown for the first time in 1996 and did very well. It was also used in a number of local parades during the 1996 holiday season.

The car is currently undergoing an underhood restoration with new fender liners, fresh paint, rebuilt engine (just a tad over stock), new front suspension, new wireing, and almost all new underhood rubber. The next step will be the restoration of the trunk compartment and the rear suspension.

David's Email: jdnye@norfolk.infi.net