Scott Parker's '71 442 Convertible

I just bought my 71 in August of '98 to fulfill a desire to get back some of the fun (and more) that I had years ago restoring and daily driving a 72 Supreme Convertible. The car was light on options, but its numbers match and I've swapped in a Rally Pac, sport wheel, and detailed and restored the engine compartment back to original.

'Had the motor rebuilt when it broke down on the way home from the seller's, so I wasn't off to a great start, but it's been great since. The paint is good from a distance, but it needs some body work and a good paint job. I'm no mechanic or body man so part of the frustration I've encountered is finding people in my area who can/want to do my resto a bit at a time. The pearl interior is good and probably original. I regret I don't have much history on it. My wife and I get to every show we can and have had a ball checking out all the gorgeous Olds's and meeting the cool folks who share this very rewarding hobby that I wish I had revisited years ago.

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