Joe Peifer's '70 Cutlass Convertible

Joe Peifer's '70 Cutlass Convertible

I had wanted one of these ever since I could drive. Well it only took 25 years. I looked everywhere for a good sound running car that really didn't need much work. After nearly flying to Texas to pick one up I opened the Denver paper one Sunday and there was a brand new ad for one. I went down took one look and a little drive and I was hooked. I bought it in May of 1999.

The car was originally from the Linden New Jersey plant and sold in Atlanta GA for a sticker price of $4610.43 (by the way the dealer handling back then was called an inspection and was a whopping $1.25). It was appraised at $8100.00 in Aug. 1992.
The original color was a bamboo yellow with a brown top. It has all the bells and whistles; A/C, tinted windows, the "sports console", deluxe push button AM/FM radio. Everything works inside, all the lights, mirror, map and rear console lights with the one exception of the dash clock. I think those worked at the plant and stopped when they got to the dealer. The previous owner had the engine rebuilt and it now has around 55,00 miles on it. He also added a couple of gauges for oil and temp and an AM/FM CD player in the glove box. The dash still has the original radio though. He also changed the top to black.

I made the BIG changes. I figured I have a convertible now; so I saved for about a year and got it painted a beautiful red. I got looks before, and a few thumbs up but now it really turns heads. I've met quite a few people while sitting at stoplights this past year. I changed the wheels out (but still have the SS II's) replaced the rear springs, re-did the trunk, replaced the mirrors, replaced wires and hoses, put in a new brake booster and radiator and bought a top boot. I added some chrome to the engine and repainted the faded grill parts. The only thing I still need are black seat belts.

One unfortunate thing happened spring 2001. I was getting new tires on it and found out that someone had put a KEY to the entire passenger side. What a heartbreaker!!!. Well insurance is a wonderful thing and as a result it got a second entire paint job. The body shop didn't want to try to blend so he did it all and it was all covered. Now it has a real deep shine.
I drive it all the time, although I try to keep it out of bad weather. I love driving it and that's why I got it. So it has seen the rain and even snow (well twice). It runs great and you would not even know you are doing 70 down the highway it is so quiet.
I've had it in a few shows and won a nice plaque at the American Muscle Madness show here in Denver Sept of 2000. That was cool. I've met great people at the shows and now have some good friends that are fellow Cutlass owners. If you are ever in the Denver area drop me a line I love to bring it out.

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