Phil Thompson's 1968 442 W-30 Convertible

This car was purchased in the St Louis area in the spring of 1998. I am the 4th owner. Only sketchy information about the original owner exists, but the 2nd and 3rd owners are brothers who have provided some history about the car. The car is an original triple black W-30 convertible with M21 and 3.91 posi. Options include ralleye pack, sport steering wheel, power steering, super lift shocks, and AM radio with rear speaker. The original owner bolted on a drive-shaft loop, welded in a roll bar, repainted the car (covering the original ralleye stripe) and blew up the original engine sometime in the 70s. A 327 small block chevy was swapped in and sadly, the original engine disappeared. By the time the 2nd owner bought the car, the 327 was blowing smoke and was yanked out and replaced with an Olds 455 which resides in the car today (By some miracle, the original M21 is still in the car although the bell housing has been replaced). Since I purchased the car, I have worked on the front suspension, had the top replaced, and removed the roll bar. I am currently restoring the interior and plan to repaint the car in a year or so. I have also purchased a 68 4-speed 400 block and a pair of D heads to correct the situation under the hood.

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