1966 Olds F-85 Deluxe, 2nd Owner. Purchased in 1985 from the proverbial
"little old lady". Originally a L6-250 car, it received a rebuilt
64-vintage 330 (with Kenne-Bell KB 118 cam) before ending up in it's
current incarnation as a 455. The car was originally all white and was
repainted in 1990 with Corvette White with Rallye Red (GTO color) stripes
and just a touch of red pearl. It's a base coat/clear coat paint with two
coats of urethane clear.

The 455 is bored .030 over using a Mondello blockless engine kit. The cam
is a JM 20/22H. An 8 qt. Milodon pan and Mondello hi pressure/volume pump
are used. Intake is an Edelbrock Performer (polished) with an 800 cfm Q-Jet.
The best ET to date is a 13.3 @ 103 MPH  (and I can feel she's got a bit more in
her with a little carb tweaking and ignition curve fiddling)

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