Mike Rothe's '71 442

This car is a 1971 442. It came equipped with the W-25 and W-26 options, plus tilt wheel, power disc brakes, p.s.,A/C, and an AM/FM radio with 8-track underdash.

I bought the car in January of 1988 in N. Carolina. I was visiting a friend when I seen the car sitting in the weeds at a neighbors house. I was amazed that the car was in fairly good condition. I bought it for $600 and drove it home! Minor rust on the front fenders was quickly remedied by a fresh set, and the car was stripped, repainted in 1990 with Torch Red basecoat/clearcoat. To restore fire to the breath of the rocket-dragon, A complete 455 engine makeover was performed, using mostly Mondello parts: JM-22 cam and spring kit, Comp Cam adjustable roller tip rockers and push rods, Street Ported E heads with Milodon stainless valves, and an Edelbrock Performer intake, with a 750 Holley 4-bbl used as icing to top the cake. The bottom end was beefed using ARP rod bolts and Mondello-supplied pistons and Main Cap strengthening straps, plus windage tray, Mondello-tweaked hi volume oil pump and Moroso 7 qt. street oil pan. The exhaust goes out through Hooker SuperComp headers into Flowmaster 2.5" exhaust system with Dynomax Turbo mufflers to keep the cops at bay. It's not the fastest Olds around, but it runs a respectalbe 13.58 in street trim with about 13 mpg to boot! Ridin' the rocket!

Mike Rothe's '69 Hurst/Olds

I purchased this non-A/C car in March of 1997. Imagine that, it was almost to the day of its 28th birthday. It was built on Mar 28th, 1969. It has some other-than-required options, but the list is short. AM/FM stereo radio, tinted windows, floor mats, and 3.91 rear gears. That's about it.

It still is equipped with the original rh tailpipe and tip. That's one tough tailpipe! I am planning a complete restoration of it, so wish me luck, and if anyone knows where I can find an air cleaner or 1111973 distributor, let me know.

Mike's Email: MRothe@prodigy.net