Kevin Sanders 1971 Cutlass Supreme

A TRUE classic - only driven to the store and back by a little old lady! Got this car in 1972 from my sister, who had it for about 1 year. She got it from my grandmother, who was the original owner. When I got the car it had 54k miles. The original silver paint was flaking with a couple rust spots around the front wheel wells and the original navy blue vinvly top was faded. Soon after getting the car from my sister I sanded and primered the body, removed and cleaned the chrome, dyed the vinyl top, had it painted, and got new tires! Pretty much everything else was original - with the exception of the clock, which wasn't working so I ripped it apart and replaced it's innards with a battery movement! (good trick for non-functioning clocks)

I got rid of the car in 1996 to buy a 300Z. Saw it a year later sitting at a gas station with the driver's side door and rear smashed in - I almost cried! The owner said it was still running fine though! I never had a problem with the car and received more looks and thumbs ups than I ever did in the Z - which probably explains why I am currently in the market for a restorable 442!!!!!

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