Ron Setran's '68 Olds F-85 W-31

This rare 1968 Olds F-85 W-31 Ram Rod was bought new in 1968 from Beckwith Motors in Middlebury, VT. It and a Cutlass S W-31 were left over on the lot and I was able to buy it for about $2800. There were only 500 made.
The car came from the factory with ram-air scoops under the front bumper feeding the Quadrajet through large flexible ducts. It came with a Hurst 4-speed, beefed up cooling and suspension, low-restriction dual exhausts, and a black interior with a bench (!!) front seat. The car was very fast and I remember that one of the magazines published a road test at the time stating that even though the factory rated the 350 at 325 hp, the actual output was more like 375 hp.
It served as our family car for 5 years at which time I sold it for about $1200 (one of the dumbest things I have ever done). Enjoy the pictures because they're all I've got left.

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