Al Silva's '70 Rallye 350

This is my Olds Rallye 350. There were 3547 made with these colors. I bought it from the original owner with 175,500 miles on the odometer. The Rallye 350 was the answer for the insurance companys to keep premiums down.

It has all the options as the w-30 but it had a 310 h.p. 350 c.i. engine with a 350 turbo transmission. My Rallye came with a 3:08 Posi rear end.

I put a 425 c.i. Olds engine in with a turbo 400 transmission with a 3:90 posi for a little more kick, but I saved all the original parts in case I want to put it back to original.

My car made the centerfold of Muscle Car Magazine in December 1991 which was a great honor for all the work I did.

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