Jim Stohlman's Oldsmobiles

This is a picture of Stohlman Oldsmobile circa July of 1970. Stohlman Olds was opened August of 1968.

The three '66 W-30 cars pictured here are all factory-built W-30 cars. They are numbers #42, #15 & #18. I also own #29 which is red as well. Supposedly, 14 of the original 54 cars still exist today.

The burnished gold '70 W-30, 4-speed convertible pictured here was sold new at Stohlman Olds in June of 1970 to a friend of my sisters. I bought it back from him in 1981. The cars has 52,000 original miles on it and the motor has never been out of the car. Last year the Franklin Mint spent 3 days going over the car to spec out a model which should be available fall of '98.

This '70 W-30 post is a low 12 second Bracket car. It was an original W-30 when I found it years ago but not a number on it matched so I finally made that low budget bracket car that we all threaten to make.

This rally red '70 W-31 is my current project. It is a 57,000 mile car which is going through a frame up restoration.

Jim's Email: stohlman@vni.net