Rick Strones's '65 Cutlass Convertable

Here is my newest acquisition, a 1965 Cutlass Convertible. These first two pictures show the car and the reason why the car was purchased. In the background is my wife's all original 68 Cutlass that someone decided to redecorate the front end on.

So we decided to purchase another car and this convertible was it. The car is very original and in good condition with only 98,000 miles. The original color is Royal Mist (dark blue) which we will restore soon, and it has a white top and white interior (original color).

The drive train is all original with a 330 ci 4-barrel engine and a 2-speed automatic. I've even talked to the original owners who owned the car until 1997. Also, while in the process of removing the old top I found what must be the original build sheet under the back seat. I've heard about build sheets but have never seen one.

The top row lists the first five digits of the VIN number (33867), while the first number in the second row is the interior trim code (957). I believe the numbers that follow are option codes, A39, A50, B12,B16,B30,B50,B52,D15,D31,D32,D34,M33 & N45.

Rick's Email: rstrones@wlgore.com