Mike Walker's '67 Cutlasses

This is my Baby. Bought in April 1989 on my 30th b-day, a present from my wife :-)
This car represents the 5th '67 I've owned over the last 20 + years (including 2 parts cars). I have been working on this car since and just last year "finished" it, if there is such a thing. I rebuilt the 330/320 and polished and painted every bolt in the engine compartment. The only things not original are the clothed insert front seat covering and the T400 I put in last year. Painted 1997 Cutlass Arctic White clear coat and I couldn't bring myself to remove the SSII rims cuz GAWD, they look nice !
It sure is a head turner towing my boat to and around the Finger Lakes here in Upstate NY and I hope to have it for many years to come.

In the process of locating the very hard to find body moldings, etc I ran across my next project ! A 67 C/S which was factory ordered "Built For Speed" It has the 330/320 with a beefy Comp Cam and FACTORY 4spd. It needs to be restored and I hope to have it done in 5 years or so (sooner if I win the Lottery). The car has never  been touched and I am planning a frame off on it.

Mike's Email: mwalker@hadco.com