Brian Smith's '68 442

My 1968 442 Convertible was originally purchased in McAlester Oklahoma, owned for 5 years and sold to literally "a little old lady" who drove it around McAlester for another 3 or four years before she blew up the motor damaging the block beyond repair.

She gave the car to her son and he opted for a stock big block 455 replacement. He drove the car for another 4 or 5 years before selling it to his brother who brought the car to Garland Texas for his wife to drive uintil she bought a new car in 1983. Since then it sat in the warehouse of a Maaco paint shop collecting dust. The owner finnallly took some pity and repainted the car the original Red and replaced the tattered top. I had a buddy that stopped by the paint shop to get an estimate on some bodywork for his '55 Bel Air, spotted the Olds and said, "If it were a Chevelle I would have bought it on the spot!" He called his Olds loving friend and the rest they say is history.

The car is equipped with PS/PB (drums) & A/C. The interior is a rare Garnet color and is in dire need of! I at least have the engine bay and motor cleaned up & detailed! I'll be adding a set of Chrome, 15 X 7, SSIII's and a fat set of Radial T/A's & a 2.5" exhaust system with nice flowmasters soon!

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