John & Robin Whitcore's '71 S

Well, after 2 years of smashed knuckles, lots of tears (all 3 of us), and John ruining his "good" clothes....."oh honey, I'll just be a second, I won't get dirty".....we present the fruit of our labor:

Robin and myself did this entire restoration ourselves for the exception of the paint/body work and tranny. We did the tear down, interior, trunk pan, engine, tuning, detailing and all the stressing out (mostly waiting for our friends to finish the paint and body work). Jody, now 19 months, supervised the entire operation (even from the womb). We're guessing she's making somewhere around 400+ horse right now and is definitley a whole lot of fun to drive. You can find her at the world famous Saturday Night Cruise at Old Town (Kissimmee, FL) almost most every Saturday night. Stop by and say "hi" if you're there.

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