Steve Wirth's '71 Cutlass S

I purchased this car in 1998 for $1400.It was in pretty good mechanical condition with 130000 miles so i assume it was rebuilt at some point in time.I wish I had gotten more info from the buyer but now I cannot locate him.Iam currently restoring the vehicle to original condition.the interior was redone in 1999 and I am doing the exterior in 2000.The rear quarters were replaced, front fenders were patched with new sheet metal and the car was completely stripped and repainted inside and out . ! changed colors from burnt orange to pearl white.This paint job has 3 coats primer,9 base coats and 3 clear coats. It is accented with gold pinstriping.Next year I plan on rechroming bumpers and replacing single exhaust with new dynomax system.The engine I am going to keep as original ,350 4bbl. these are pictures of the car before and after.

PS ihave already put all the engine goodies in the other oldsmobile I am restoring a 1971 cutlass supreme 400 hp and 500ft lbs. of tourque.body work is next project for this vehichle but parts are expensive up here in canada.

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