Pulling up to the line at Seattle International Raceway during brackets, approx. 1991

Well, here's some history of the car and myself... Was originally interested in Oldsmobiles about the time the October 1984 issue of Hot Rod came out. I was a senior in HS at the time, and one of the faster cars in school was a 69 442. (The Oct. 84 issue is the Junk Yard Dog issue) Started looking for an 'A' Body, but dad was smart, no V-8's until he wasn't legally responsible for me. (I turned 18). :) Anyway, I graduated High School and worked about a year, then joined the Navy to see the world, where I still am today, currently stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Great Lakes (North Chicago, IL.)

The car started out as a pair of 'C' castings I found in a junkyard while stationed in San Diego, Ca in 1988. I found the car a few months later for a paltry 600 dollars from it's original owner. The car had 206000 miles on it, and was very tired. I had a 455 by then, and was just looking for a solid rust free body to stick it in. Some options the car had were factory disk brakes, the 3 spoke (fake) wood steering wheel, SS II wheels (14x6). I dropped a 455 with C casting heads in it, after writing a few checks to Joe. The engine has a JM 20-22 cam, roller rocker kit, Carb Shop 850 Qjet, oil restrictors, and relief notches in the rods, along with ARP rodbolts, and TRW 2323 forged pistons. Engine is topped off with an Edlebrock Performer (1991 addition), and a 1/2 inch spacer plate under the carb with the initials NOS on it. :) I backed the engine up with a Turbo 400 Switch Pitch trans with the dual stall speed converter (1800/3500 stall). After twisting a drive shaft, I replaced that, and stuck an 8.2 inch pontiac 3.55:1 rear end in it which I have since then broken. Back to the stock 1 legger. BTW, 8.2 inch poncho axles are the same as the axles in the 12 bolt olds rear-ends. The car was originally painted in the spring of 89, but has since hazed over, so it is at this moment in pieces in my buddies garage getting repainted. As for performance, H have had a couple baselines, the original was a the bakersfield Muscle Car Nationals in the fall of 88. (see supercar showdown video) Car ran 15.7's, 15.8's at 85-86 mph (200k 350 4bbl), and made it on the video. Watch closely for a maroon/silver 68 in the bracket racing section. The car runs 13.40's 102-103 without the bottle on street tires, and will do 12.80's-12.90's no bottle on slicks. This is thru cast 442 exhaust manifolds into 2.5 inch pipes with 3 chamber Flow Masters. Best run is 12.26 at 113.46 mph on street tires and the bottle. Would love to try it on slicks, but I couldn't borrow them the second time after I got the bottle.

The day I got it out of the body shop in San Diego in 1989

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