Marty Zimmermann's '70 442

Here's a pic of my 70 442, it has 144,000 miles and I'm the third owner. The car has a 11 to 1 455 with ported heads,Edelbrock torker,Braswell 850,2" Hookers,Mondello cam,a Jerico 4 speed, 4.10 12 bolt chev. and nitrous.It's street driven,driven to the track and will run mid 12's on street tires thru the ex.without N.O.S. I haven't run it with yet.I live in S.L.C. Ut.where the elevation is 4400ft. the air at the track is usually in excess of 7000ft. I think the car would run 12.0's on the coast. It pisses off alot of chev guys getting beat by a Olds!

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