Brad Bishop's '77 442

I guess only Oldsmobile lovers can relate to how someone can love a car. I come from a pretty long line of Oldsmobile heritage. Everything from 50's models to 442's.
My true love began in March of '77, I was only five years old and went with my parents to pick up our new car. I was dissappointed at the time because I wanted the bright red Trans Am that sat on the showroom floor. But luckily the new car was a 1977 442. The moment I saw the car I thought it was too cool especially the numbers on the side. My dad ordered it with the 403 engine, buckets, console, rallye pack gauges, and a sport steering wheel. My mother picked out the unusual paint scheme that over the years has drawn quite a bit of attention, buckskin metallic with buckskin stripes. The car was used to take my sister and I back and forth to school, and an occasional family vacation.
When I turned sixteen, you guessed it, my mother got a new car and the 442 was mine. I took exceptional care of the car in high school and one day my senior year a fellow student approached me after school. He informed my to see the automotive teacher right away, when I did the first thing he asked was "How much"! Well of course the car was not for sale. He then got me involved in the North Texas Oldsmobile Club. From there I was hooked. I attended my first national meet in St. Louis, and from there determined I had a rare car.

I had stopped driving it after high school and slowly began a restoration. I rebuilt the engine adding a few Olds factory goodies to give it a little Oldsmobile rumble. The interior needed only carpet, seat covers, and detailing. The paint was good except for minor fading and minimal dings. The paint was actually done on a tight budget and looks great! Finally the underside was scrubbed and detailed. Being a Texas car there was absolutely no rust. This helped quite a bit! I wrote Helen Early to see how many were built. She said there were a little over 12,000 442's built, with only 350 having the 403 engine. I attended the OCA national meet in Atlanta taking best of class in the '73-'80 performance class. I can't put a price on my car, she is one of the family. It sure is nice to see more and more of these years of cars emerging. I also hope to everyone in Texas in '99!

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