The starting lineup . . .

ON THE LEFT, from Granger Olds in Kenosha Wisconsin, an All Pro daily driver, a
1977 Delta 88 coupe.  This UAV (Urban Assault Vehicle) is a foul weather 
veteran, easily given away by the snow biters at the rear and flaps all the way 
around.  In the spring of '95 its stance was improved with a suspension rebuild
front to rear.  Since '89, this performer has stayed very healthy due to many, 
many auto courses at Waubonsee Community College
   o 172,000 miles on the Olds 403.
   o Rated at 190 hp, 390 ft/lbs torque.
   o 15 to 17 mpg.

   It doesn't have fuel injection, computer control, ABS, traction control, heated 
   seats, leather or a $400 a month loan/lease payment.  It has reliability.

   James Garner paced the 1977 Indy 500 in a Delta 88.

IN THE MIDDLE, from the north side of Racine Wisconsin, a currently retired 
veteran, a 1970 Delta 88 four door.  In the summer of '95, this weathered player
decided to enter into a multi-year rehabilitation program.  Rehab is expected to
accelerate now that the stable's owner has obtained two car garage and basement
equipped facilities.

   o 119,000 miles on the Olds 455.
   o "Highway cruising" 2 bbl special rated at 210 hp, ft/lbs torque.

   Surprised to find this boat is one foot shorter than my '77, but obviously makes 
   up for it in the width department.

Resto plans are for a stock body inside and out except for wheel rims and 
console gauges.  The engine will get the Mondello or Dave Smith high torque, 
high horsepower treatment, with a Holley ProJection 4 or Accel DFI PC tunable 
digital fuel injection system delivering fuel.

Check out Bryce's '70 Delta 88 Police package review

AND FINALLY, ON THE RIGHT, from Arrow Olds in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the newest, 
but not the last, addition to the team, a 1988 Cutlass Supreme Int'l Series.  A first,
first round draft pick, this summer specialist enjoys a long hibernation during the
salt months.

   o 61,000 miles on the Chevy 2.8L.
   o Rated at about 130 hp, 170 ft/lbs torque.
   o 25 to 30 mpg.

   The first generation of front wheel drive Cutlass Supreme (remember "this is not
   your father's Oldsmobile"?).  In my experience it has been remarkably reliable 
   for the first year of a new platform (the hibernation probably helps a lot).

This car is a great driving car.  During my '89 road trip, I logged 5700 miles 
over 25 days.  A pleasure to drive for a couple of hours or all day, most likely
due to the bucket seats and great suspension.

A Cutlass Supreme was the pace car for 1988 Indy 500.

Stable owner info:
   31 year old Oldsmobile fanatic who works for the University of Chicago Hospitals
   as a Sybase DBA, and lives in Batavia Illiois, and in '96, in St. Charles 
   Illinois.  Two cats and three Oldsmobiles round out the household.  Still 
   looking for that SF with a '68 H/O!

   Originally from Racine Wisconsin, and still a loyal Packers fan!  Will cheer for
   the B**rs when a win is neutral or positive for the Green & Gold.
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