Charley Buehner's Rockets

'81 Cutlass, Purchased in 1989 for $2025. (It was supposed to be $2000, but it was from a Ford dealer, and they tacked on $25 'cuz it wasn't a Ford! Worth it, tho...) Came with a 260, Air, Tilt, Power Steering, AM/FM/Cass (Sherwood), bench seat, 2.29 open diff. large full sweep speedo, green interior, and spoke hubcaps. I've since added a '69 350 Rocket(Which earned it the plates "Rockit 1" and the nickname), '77 403 (from a Firebird), '70 Rocket 455, (not all at the same time!!!) and the current '67 425 Super Rocket. Plenty of power! (Never enough, though!) The rest of the power and other changes I've made are in this list...

Power Windows
Power Locks
Power Driver's Bucket (Pass's soon)
Power Stereo, Of course, listed later
Power Trunk Release (Through Alarm, Of course)
Power Trunk Closure (Thanks, Cadillac...) Bucket Seats (Mix & Match)
Center Console (From Gran Prix, I'm a scavenger, What can I say!)
Door Panels and remainder of interior from same Gran Prix Chrome Pedal
Trim from same Gran Prix
Blue Dashboard from '83 Olds
Blue Neon interior lighting
"Custom" made trunk interior panels...(By me)
Facory Rallye Instrument Cluster (From an '81 Diesel)
Power Sunroof from '79 Cutlass. (No glass or hole, Being used for motorized 
EQ/Processor Rack in roof)
Sport Wheel from Buick Riviera
Rallye Wheels w/raised whites, vs. spokes and whitewalls.
Headlight Covers --Custom made for me..... By me :)
Turbo 350 from Trans Am
3.23 Posi. from '70 Buick GS
Head's Up Display (HUD) From '91 Gran Prix. Entirely too cool! 

The audio system includes:

2 MTX 15" Eliminator (Free-Airs, Behind the seat...)
Oz Audio 6 1/2", 4", and 1" Tweets
JL Audio 3/4" Tweets(Rear)
1 Rockford Fosgate Punch 4X6 Twin, Center Channel Audio Control EQT Series II (pair),
ESP-3, and Epicenter Clarion Pro Audio DRX9175L, CDC1805, 920EQ (In Dash CD, 18 Disc Changer, and 9Band EQ/Spectrum Analyzer -- Really Cool! Sound Quest Wiring (4 Ga. from
Battery), Circuit Breaker, Distribution Block, and Signal RCA's Pioneer GM-H120 and Two
Technophone Cellular
Code Alarm Elite Competition,
-----CSM 1 Car Starter Module
-----MSS 1 Perimeter Sensor
-----MV 1 Interior Intrusion Sensor (Standard w/Elite Comp)
-----I'm not telling where I hid the siren, but NOBODY can find it!
-----Power Window Module (off brand)
         Automatically rolls up windows when the alarm is armed.

I've been asked how much money is in this car, but I really have no idea. A lot, I tell them. The same answer to the question "how many cars do you own?" Alot, but still, not enough!

    Here are my other Olds's: '83 Cutlass Supreme Brougham; Black, T-Tops, 60/40 Bench, loaded, 3.8 V6 '77 Toronado; Blue & Rust, 403, loaded rough, Front Wheel Drive

'67 Ninety Eight Convertible, newest project. Many options. Obviously rough! The engine pic is the '67 425 from the convertible, that went into the Rockit. It's all stock except for the intake, fuel pump, and carb. The headers don't fit in the car, but they made great picture props! The Holley carb has been dumped for a Q-jet. The hood closes with a different air cleaner.

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