Chris Smith's '76 Omega

I purchased my 1976 Oldsmobile Omega in 1996, I bought it from an older couple who had bought it new and used it only for groceries and their sunday drive to church. I was in realitively good condition for being 20 years old the only problems being the original paint job (metallic Green) was badly faded and wearing off in some places and the winshield wipers did not work other than that it was clean and had only 32,000Mi not bad for and old car. After purchasing the car for $1400 I went to work on it, i didn`t want it street and i didn`t want it all original so I made it something in between. The first thing was the paint the green had to go, not because it was faded but because it was ugly, I decided on Sweedish Stardust a dark blue paint with like blue metallic flake, not to mention the perfect color for the car.

Next, a badly needed tune up since the car had only 32,000 miles on it it was clean but had never had to oil changed nor the transmission fluid, so I changed them along with new 8MM Plug wires and Bosch Platinums. After that I headed for the wheels the original tires were bald and had belts broken in some places, I went and had some nice BFGoodrich Radial T/A`s put on there problem solved. I had no problem with the interior since it had been kept clean and the previous owners had not smoked it is the nice plush velour bench seats it has always had. Since then my main thing is trying to keep the beast clean I live near dirt roads so it`s hard just trying to keep dust out of the engine compartment. Other than what i did right off the bat i have made few additions, new springs, new shocks, new duel exhaust, an nice tach, neon lights, strobes, and a loud ass stereo. I had an accident last fall and was T-boned in the drivers side but it since has been repaired and driven. I was using it as my daily commute but have since stoped in preparation for going to college this fall. I hope to take it to some shows next summer when i am on break from college..

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