Christopher Connolly's '83 Hurst/Olds

This 1983 Hurst/Olds is #142 of 3001 made.It has all power options as well as t-tops.I bought the car in poor shape in 1989 for $2200.I have had the entire body restored using all G.M. parts,as it had been hit all around the car.The interior was also redone using all N.O.S. parts.I drove the car around for a year after buying it and blew the motor and had to have that redone.It is a stock rebuild and a 403 maybee a future motor for this car.

The car has been restored to stock with the exception of a few things.I put Boyd billet wheels on,17x7 front on B.F.G.Comp T/A 225/45zr17 and 17x8 rear on B.F.G. Comp T/A 255/40zr17.I also installed a matching Boyds billet steering wheel.I lowered the car 2" with Rancho springs and added Monroe G/P shocks.I changed the stereo to a Kenwood head unit with eq mounted below.In the trunk is a Kenwood 10disc c.d. changer and 2 Kenwood amps.One amp powers the Kicker 12'' free-air woofers and the other powers MB quart 6" speaker and 1" titanium tweeter which are mounted in custom door panels.The car has a hypertech stage 3 chip,and Accel hei super coil and 8mm wires.

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