Travis Garner's '85 Cutlass Supreme Brougham

It's an '85 Supreme Brougham, has a 591"Stroker '55, Batten Heads, Mondello JM-1, 4 Bolt Strap Kit, Billet crank, etc, etc, DFI Fuel Injection, and a 3 stage(yes, old school) NOS Fogger- Car has run sub 9's in the 1/4, best 8.79 in August '94 on 10" Slicks- Regular competitor in NMCA Fastest street car events circa 91-95, and believed for a time to be the fastest street liscensed olds, period. The car is heavy, and oh so pretty- Medium Sage Green, original Color. By far my most intense sleeper, many a tech official has been fooled- and angered! In the trim that you see it, it weighs 3885lbs, and runs 9.90's on those drag radials, with only a double spray-

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