Matt Harrison's '84 Cutlass

My name is Matt Harrison. I am an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. Over the last several years I have been steroiding the hell out of this car....on a low budget though. This is my 1984 Cutlass Supreme Brougham. I bought it in the stock setup in 1998. From the exterior it doesn't look stock. However the motor has a certain 'sleeper' look to it.

The summer of 1999 it undergone a transformation. It is a stock 307 looking Olds 350. The 350 is a stock 4.057 bore. The goodies are Edelbrock Performer Intake, Edelbrock Performer cam, vacuum advanced HEI, non-computer Quadrajet(750 cfm version), Ported W-31 heads with a 3 angle valve job, 8.6:1 compression, ( hey do you know of any 360 horse 350's that get 17 miles to the gallon? I didn't think so, so stop laughing at my low compression!!) heddman shorty headers into 2 1/4 inch duals, cats and turbo mufflers. (Yes cats, I still have to pass emissions!)Turbo 350 transmission, and a 3:42 (c-clip) richmond gears. Posi (duh). A fiberglass cowl induction hood. It has the super soft grandma interior but it can kick a camaro z28's ass. I could care less about the crappy kenwood stereo that is in it, besides pumped up stereos don't make you go faster. If anything they slow you down. Anyways thats my car, hope you enjoyed viewing it. The green car in the picture is my fiance (Meghan Fidler's) 1970 Cutlass S. You can look at hers in the car show as well. Thanks and happy Oldsmobiling

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