Royce Huffer's '86 Cutlass Salon

This is my 86 Cutlass Salon. I bought it for $3,000 in early Aug of 1997 at a small dealership just north of Vincennes, IN. Actually my Mom found it for me and at that time I had no interest in what she was looking for. But I tried it anyway and I was amazed by the power in it, considering it had 149,000 miles on it and at that time I didn't know it had a 307 V-8. After I test drove it I like it, and I've had it since. You can't see it in this picture (which was taken almost four weeks after I bought it), but I was in a little mishap at school where someone turned into me and hit the passenger door and the rear fender. It took two months before I could have it fixed but oh well. Unfortunatly a few days later it was broken into and the stereo and some CD's were stolen (now that I think about it the police still haven't done anything about it). So the insurance replaced it. A little after I bought it I found out that it had been in an accident, when I'm not sure but in the right light you can tell that the front end and the front driver side fender have been fixed because the paint on it is a little off. The only thing that I have replaces, besides regular maintenace, is the heater coil, which went out on me in late November.
The Firehawks were on it when I got it and they were brand new then. After the coil was replaced it was fine until the day before I graduated in May of 98. I was participating in the Track Sectionals at another school when while I was gone my Cutlass was involved in a hit-and-run on the rear driver side fender and on the front driver side fender. All the front fender got was a fairly good size dent, however the rear fender had deep scratches just behind the wheel and a deep scratch and dent on the top part of the fender. As of Aug 98 the dents are still there because I gave up searching for who did it and I'm short of funds to have it fixed. Oh well the dents are just going to have to stay there for now. Maybe next summer I'll get it fixed. I have big plans for my Cutlass, but for now they are just dreams. Here are some of my ideas:
rear spoiler
changer the exaust to dual and put glass pack on it. (So that 307 will sound even sweeter)
and maybe someday change the engine to a 307 HO
Thanks for looking at my pride and joy!!

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